District Prepares Studies for PRVWSD

The-REZ-PRVWSD-logoThe District has completed three studies for the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District (PRVWSD), an analysis of un-leased or undeveloped parcels, a financial projection, and a rate study for campgrounds.

In the Prioritization of Parcels report, the CMPDD developed a brief analysis of un-leased and/or un-developed parcels of land belonging to the PRVWSD. This analysis was based on the PRVWSD Master Plan as well as the road network and available infrastructure. The parcels were prioritized based on development feasibility and potential. This report also provided PRVWSD with recommendations on the type of development for each parcel.

CMPDD also developed a Financial Projection of the PRVWSD’s General Fund revenues and expenditures. These projections are based on a simple linear regression model of historical data which includes build-out assumptions for future development. Several scenarios were projected to provide the most realistic projection of both revenues and expenditures. This analysis provided PRVWSD with a picture of their financial future and the need for budgetary adjustments.

The final study involved the District gathering and organizing data from over 50 campgrounds in Mississippi and neighboring states for the purpose of comparing rates of similar campgrounds in the PRVWSD. Data was collected on the type and number of camp sites, amenities and services offered at each camp site as well as the campground as a whole, and occupancy rates were collected. Rental rates on a nightly, weekly, and monthly basis by type of camp site (i.e. water, sewer, and electricity hookups versus primitive), and data on seasonal rates and group discounts were collected. Once complied, the District presented to PRVWSD a comparison of their rates and the rates of the surveyed campgrounds. Overall, it was determined that PRVWSD’s rates are slightly below the average rates of the surveyed campgrounds. The results of this study may be used by PRVWSD to adjust their rates as they see necessary.

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