Rural Impact Grant Fund (RIF)

Funding is not currently available.

The Rural Impact Grant Fund (RIF) provides funding for publicly owned infrastructure needs. Funding from this program can be used by Rural Communities to assist with the location or expansion of businesses. Rural community is defined as a municipality with a population of 10,000 or less or a county with a population of 30,000 or less according to the most recent decennial census. The rural community must apply on behalf of a new or expanded industry based on the public infrastructure needs of the project. The RIF grant program provides for a maximum grant award of $150,000 per project.

Usage of the funds must be directly related to the construction, renovation or expansion of industry. Job creation is the goal of the RIF grant program; therefore, eligible industries must create ten new full-time jobs.

Eligible industries are:
• Manufacturers
• Warehouses and distribution centers
• Research and development facilities
• Telecommunications and data processing facilities
• National or regional headquarters

Eligible projects include:
• Building (purchase, construction, or rehabilitation)
• Water Improvements
• Sewer Improvements
• Drainage Improvements
• Transportation facilities directly affecting the site, including roads, bridges, rail lines, or pipelines
• Land Improvements
• Marine Structures
• Energy facilities (Power Generation and Distribution)
• Any other project approved by Mississippi Development Authority

For additional information, please contact Mitzi Stubbs or Gray Ouzts at (601) 981-1511.

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