2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan is a required planning document that reflects a comprehensive blueprint of the region’s transportation system needs over the next 25 years.  It forecasts changes in the region and seeks to identify transportation improvements needed to keep people and goods moving smoothly, while identifying a financially feasible list of prosed improvements.  The plan is multi-modal addressing needs in roadway, public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian, and freight.  The proposed long-range plan covers transportation investments in the region from 2020-2045.   

The proposed 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan will be considered for adoption by the Jackson Metropolitan Planning Organization during its November meeting.  All comments received during the comment period will be reviewed and considered prior to adoption.  The 2045 Plan consist of two main components the Executive Summary and Technical Reports. 

virtual public meeting was held October 22, 2020 to discuss the proposed plan.  You can view a recording of the meeting by clicking the link below.

Executive Summary

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2045 MTP Executive Summary PDF

Technical Reports

Technical Report 1 Transportation Modeling and Forecasting

Technical Report 2 Existing Conditions

Technical Report 3 Transportation Performance Management

Technical Report 4 Needs Assessment

Technical Report 5 Plan Development

Technical Report 6 Federal Compliance Checklist

Technical Report 7 Congestion Management Process

Ways to Submit your Comments

All comments received during the comment period (September 19, 2020 – November 2, 2020) will be reviewed and considered prior to adoption.  Comments may be submitted to CMPDD by mail, phone, or electronic comment card.

Click here to submit comments using the MPO’s Electronic Comment Card or send your comments in an email to mpo@cmpdd.org.

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