Small Municipalities and Limited Population Counties

The Mississippi Small Municipalities and Limited Population Counties Grant Program (SMLPC) is designed for making grants to small municipalities and limited population counties or natural gas districts to finance projects to promote economic growth in the state.  Grants are available to municipalities with a population of 10,000 or less, and counties with a population of 30,000 or less.  Eligible projects financed with SMLPC must be publicly owned and address at least one of the priorities listed below.   

Priority #1:

Economic development-related improvements to include water, sewer, street and drainage improvements for the benefit of site development, industrial parks, business districts, tourism destinations, and projects that improve the competitiveness of a community.

Priority #2:

Downtown improvements to include: sidewalks, lighting, façade improvements, beautification improvements (waste receptacles, stop signs, street signs, landscaping, awnings, etc.), other downtown improvements as approved by MDA.

Priority #3:

Non-economic development related water, sewer, street and drainage improvements.

Priority #4:

Purchase, construction or rehabilitation of public buildings to include: town halls, libraries, police stations, fire stations, community centers, courthouses, other publicly owned buildings as approved by MDA.

The maximum grant amount is $150,000.  There is a 10% match requirement for a community with a population of 3,500 or less; and a 20% match requirement for communities with a population greater than 3,500.   The match does not have to be cash only. 

For additional information, please contact Amy Smith or Lindsay Sellers at (601) 981-1511.

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