Sign Retroreflectivity

Retroreflectometer photo

The Jackson MPO’s Sign Retroreflectivity Program was developed to provide Local Public Agencies (LPA’s) in the MPO’s Urbanized Area Planning Boundary with a resource for inventorying and measuring the retroreflectivity levels of traffic signs within their respective jurisdictions. The MPO provides a sign inventory software called iTrac signs that is available, at no cost, to each LPA that is used to track and monitor the location and condition of traffic signs in their area. 

The MPO also provides to each LPA the use of a Road Vista 922 sign retroreflectometer.  A sign retroreflectometer is a hand held device used to measure the retroreflectivity levels of traffic signs. This device can also be used to collect Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates that can be used to map out the locations of all signs in an LPA’s jurisdictional boundaries.  The retroreflectometers are made available to the LPA’s on a lease system, at no cost to the LPA.

Jackson MPO staff is available to each LPA in the MPO Urbanized Area on an as needed basis for technical assistance and training purposes as it relates to use of the sign retroflectometers and iTrac Signs software program.

For more information about the Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity Program please contact Jackson MPO Staff, by email at or by phone at (601)-981-1511.

Jackson MPO Sign Inventory Software

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