Public Participation Plan

The Jackson MPO Public Participation Plan describes the strategies that will be used to encourage public participation in the development of the Jackson MPO’s various transportation planning documents.  The Public Participation Plan outlines the Jackson MPO’s commitment to an open and transparent involvement process with the public, local communities, and local, state, and federal agencies to support the regional transportation planning process.  The Public Participation Plan ensures everyone is given ample opportunity to access, review, and comment on plans, studies, and other transportation documents as they are being developed. 

Procedures outlined in the Public Participation Plan are reviewed periodically and updated as necessary to ensure a full and open participation process.   Public involvement opportunities are established early in the process and remain a continuous effort throughout the development of a planning document or project by the Jackson MPO.

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How You Can Get Involved

Annual Outreach Report

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For more information about the Jackson MPO’s public participation process or how you can get involved please contact Jackson MPO staff by email at or by phone at (601)981-1511

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