The MAC Center


Who Does the MAC Center Help?

The Mississippi Access to Care (MAC) Center is here to help older people and people with disabilities – along with their families and representatives – find long-term care services and supports to keep them living well and independently.

What Kind of Help Do You Need?

The MAC Center is a welcoming and accessible place located in Jackson, Mississippi where people can obtain unbiased information and assistance in locating services and supports.  The MAC Center provides a central source of reliable and objective information about a broad range of programs and services. The MAC Center also helps people understand and evaluate the various options available to them regardless of income or eligibility for publicly funded long-term care.

How Does the MAC Center Help?

The MAC Center Specialists provide assistance within the local center, over the telephone, within a person’s home, or in another convenient location.  All assistance is free and confidential.

To access a comprehensive resource directory please CLICK HERE.

To access a copy of the MAC Center brochure please CLICK HERE.

Covid-19 Vaccination Program

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Reassurance Program

The Reassurance Program seeks to meet the special needs of people who are elderly or physically challenged and living alone by placing a regular phone call at a pre-arranged time. Calls are made to:

  • Check on the client’s well-being.
  • Affirm that someone does care by sharing a few minutes in friendly conversation.
  • Provide emergency follow-up.

To download the Reassurance Program application, please CLICK HERE.
To submit, please email to
or mail to:
Jackson MAC Center
1170 Lakeland Drive
Jackson, MS 39216

Transition to Community Referral (TCR) Program

The Mississippi Access to Care Center is the designated Local Contact Agency to support the resident’s expressed interest in being transitioned from the nursing facility to community living.  Once the LCA has been notified of the resident’s request, information about community living options and available supports and services will be provided to the resident or their responsible party.  The Transition to Community Referral Form is the tool used to initiate the process and identify services needed for a successful transition.

To speak with a friendly professional, call toll-free
844-822-4MAC or (844-822-4622)

Or you may visit the Jackson MAC Center located at
1170 Lakeland Drive
Jackson, MS 39216

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