The Jackson MPO

What is an MPO?

A Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is a federally mandated planning body responsible for transportation planning in an Urbanized Area (UZA). Federal regulations require all urbanized areas with a population of at least 50,000 to designate an MPO to carry out the “3-C”, Continuing, Comprehensive and Cooperative, transportation planning process.

About the Jackson MPO

The Central Mississippi Planning and Development District (CMPDD) was designated as the MPO for the Jackson Urbanized Area (JUA) on February 5, 1975 and is responsible for  coordinating the transportation planning process and programs for all county and municipal jurisdictions within the urbanized areas of Hinds, Madison, and Rankin Counties. The MPO is the lead agency responsible for developing and administering plans and programs to maintain eligibility and receive federal funds for the transportation systems in the JUA. The primary mission of the MPO is to develop and maintain a transportation planning process that is compliant with federal and state requirements, and supports the development and enhancement of sustainable multimodal facilities, programs and systems in the area.

The Jackson MPO is comprised of four (4) committees. The Metropolitan Planning Policy Committee serves as the official governing authority for the JUA in carrying out the transportation planning process. The Metropolitan Planning Policy Committee is served by three advisory committees that reviews and makes recommendations on all transportation planning process procedures and products. The additional committees include the Intermodal Technical Committee, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Subcommittee and the Stakeholders Committee.

The MPO, by federal law, is required to produce several planning documents essential to carrying out the transportation planning process including the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) and the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). In addition, the Jackson MPO develops and maintains a Prospectus, Public Participation Plan (PPP), Project Submittal Guidelines for the Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) and Transportation Alternatives (TA) funds, and other documents as needed.

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