CEDS 2018-2022

In summer of 2017, CMPDD staff began work on the 2018-2022 Economic Development Administration (EDA) Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS).

The CEDS is the result of a local planning process designed to guide the economic growth of the area.  It was developed using a grass-roots approach and studies the economy of the area which provides a glimpse of the area as a whole.  It includes goals and objectives to assist local governments to create more jobs, foster a stable and diversified economy and improve quality of life. The CEDS lists specific projects that will enhance the region’s competitiveness and details an action plan to assist with the successful implementation.

The CEDS is a requirement of EDA to maintain funding eligibility for the region.  Before EDA will consider funding a project, it must be addressed in the regional economic development plan, which is the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.  Furthermore, EDA requires the CEDS to be updated annually with a new CEDS being written every five years.

Specifically, during the development of the CEDS, the CMPDD solicited the participation of our public and private partners.  Local elected officials, economic developers and other interested individuals were invited to attend brainstorming meetings in each county.  During these sessions, participants conducted an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in their communities and the CMPDD region as a whole. A SWOT analysis offers a more in-depth view of the economic development problems and opportunities that may not be gathered from basic data.  By soliciting the input of community representatives in the SWOT process, a more realistic view of the economic development situation is achieved. Further, all members of the CEDS committee were asked to respond to an online survey regarding needs, specific projects, and priority projects for their community and the region.

The thorough SWOT analysis became the foundation for the CMPDD CEDS.  It identifies the obstacles facing the region that can be lessened using the identified strengths and opportunities, all of which influence the goals and objectives of the CEDS.

The CMPDD’s Plan of Action for the Comprehensive Development Strategy will guide the implementation of the Goals and Objectives of the CEDS by:

  • promoting economic development and opportunity,
  • fostering effective transportation access,
  • enhancing and protecting the environment,
  • maximizing effective development and use of the workforce consistent with any applicable State or local workforce investment strategy,
  • promoting the use of technology in economic development, including access to high-speed telecommunications,
  • balancing resources through sound management of physical development, and obtaining and utilizing adequate funds and other resources,

To do this, the CMPDD will continue to work closely with committee members and economic development partners to develop and implement the CEDS, use economic development programs to accomplish the strategic projects listed in the CEDS, make the CEDS available to public and private partners, and will work with the state to ensure the integration of the CEDS Strategic projects with the state’s economic priorities.

With the draft complete, CMPDD is now accepting public comments on the proposed CEDS, which is available at gis.cmpdd.org/CEDS/.  A 30-day public comment period will begin on October 2, 2017 and conclude on October 31, 2017.   All comments will be accepted via email to Lindsay Sellers at lsellers@cmpdd.org.  This process is being conducted in accordance with CMPDD’s adopted Public Participation Plan and Federal and State regulations. Your views concerning the proposed CEDS will be appreciated.

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